Does Winning Facebook Poker Chips in Facebook Texas Holdem Translate Into Success in Real Poker?

So you’ve been playing Facebook Texas Holdem poker for a while now and you’ve managed to rack up millions or even billions of Facebook poker chips. You don’t use cheats or hacks for Facebook poker, you never downloaded any bots that play the game for you, you never bummed Facebook chips from friends, and you’ve never stolen any poker chips from family members. If poker skill was measured in Facebook poker chips, by all measures you’d be top of the game, but does this necessarily translate into real world success in poker? Would you have the success in, for example, a real money game at your house, a live tournament game in Las Vegas, or another online game that uses real money instead of Facebook chips casino online?

There are some marked differences between real money and play money games that range from the obvious to the more subtle. It’s obvious that the biggest difference is the currency used in the games. One uses Facebook poker chips and the other is real world currency with real world value. But is this enough to alter how people play in the corresponding Texas Holdem games? Do players who bet with Facebook chips bet more carelessly or frequently than they would with real money?

It’s fair to say that players would play more freely, less carefully, and be willing to lose play poker chips than they would real money. Facebook poker chips have no real world value – they can’t pay the rent or buy food, you can’t deposit them in a bank, and they won’t send your kid to college, but they do have another kind of value – social value. Players who frequent social networks and the games they host value the prestige and recognition they get from their friends when they win a lot of chips in Facebook poker. And so maybe this prestige gives these chips enough value to force the player into assigning a perceived value to them, whether real or not. They want to win more poker chips so that their Facebook friends will see them climb the ranks of Texas Holdem and earn a spot on the top players list. They will never be able to cash out these chips, but they’ll have the honor of being among the best players in the world.

To most players this is quite a valuable thing, and so this may be enough to make them play more carefully with their Facebook poker chips. So much so that their playing style maybe be reflective of someone who is playing with real money. This probably isn’t the case in some of the beginner tables where new players start out. Only having a few thousand Facebook pokerchips isn’t much motivation to play seriously, as reaching the top players list is such a far possibility, but players with billions of chips who frequent the highroller tables in Facebook poker seem to play much more disciplined as they gain more and more chips and rank. They treat their virtual chips as though they were real money, because the prestige of reaching the top players list is as much of a motivator as making real money. So it would seem that while beginners with a few chips may treat Facebook pokerchips as just another virtual play currency, the top players in the highest rooms value these chips quite highly and play accordingly.


Lottery Strategies

It’s a thing which many lottery players ask themselvescan the lotto be won by some lottery strategies or is it completely random? Is the man who closes their eyes and throws darts in a pair of numbers as possible to win as some one who sits down and ends up the mathematical chances of the winning numbers? The fact remains, the chances of winning the lottery, particularly that the jackpot is extremely small. For instance, the current prospect of winning the Mega Millions Jackpot is just 1 at 175,711,536!

Many people pick numbers randomly, perhaps choosing what is on their mind at any certain time or use the random number generator offered with every lottery, at which the computer will select you. Even though there’s not any rule that says that you may not win with keluaran SGP generated numbers, it is said that with a couple kind of lottery plan, or at least looking out for strong amounts may increase your chances of picking a trophy.

Just just how to select a set of amounts that will provide you a fantastic stab at picking a prize? One of those elderly lottery strategies we can consider is that the cold and hot number idea.

In accordance with the method, hot numbers are ones which have been attracted cold and recently amounts are once that haven’t been drawn in a while. In the event you were to use this system, you might visit the official lottery internet site and see what amounts have been drawn, usually for the past 12 months afterward work out which numbers to choose.

There are pros and cons to choosing numbers utilizing this lottery strategy. Using one hand, you could use this system to discover what numbers have been attracted regularly and apply this for the entrance. Some numbers do seem to look a lot more times compared to other amounts. However, these numbers might have just used up their popularity and could not appear again for a little while – there isn’t any complete guarantee that this pattern will probably work. Many folks may rather select lesser drawn numbers, figuring that they must be due a twist to appear.

There is also the Lottery wheel program. Lottery wheeling is an approach that says that organizing the amounts you choose in a certain manner will improve your chances of winning smaller prizes. To put it differently, it’s a system that’ll boost your chances of picking a number of smaller prizes, but rather than aiming to your jack pot. There are three kinds of wheel referred to as Full, Abbreviated and Crucial wheels.

The entire wheel will give one of the largest pair of amounts out of the amounts which you have chosen – so it is by far the most costly type to play together but will supply you with the largest chances of winning. The most popular type of wheel would be that the abbreviated wheel which will give you a much smaller volume of combination’s however promises you winning ticket from the pair of numbers you get. For an even cheaper option, consider the essential number wheel. With this specific wheel it’s possible to choose just one blessed number (state your birthday) and the wheel will provide you combination’s that will include your amounts of choice.

Understand when you play with with the wheeling lottery strategy, you want to play within your own budget. If you’re playing by yourself, then you may need to make use of the key wheel system – in the event that you are playing at a syndicate, then you may be able to make use of the full wheel.

Another thing you could do is decide to try playing with a lucky number generator based on numerology. Numerology is a system which addresses the link between numbers and mystical, physical or alive things. There are lots of lottery number generators online that take your first and lastname, your date of arrival to build your lucky lottery numbers.

They utilize certain systems like the main quantity of your first name, the number created by your arrival added together, the amount of one’s original name numbers therefore onto choose numbers with some meaning to you.

There’s not deeprooted scientific or mathematics fact behind this kind of number generator – but it’s a lot of pleasure to work with and takes the bother out of choosing your lottery winning numbers!

Whichever lottery strategy you decide to use, be sure to have the impression in your numbers and remember to keep this ticket safe!